There are many variations of poker room games, actually as many as the cards in the deck. Below is a list of famous variants of poker. Usually they are the typical or standard poker card games.

Texas Hold’em
This might be the most famous variant of poker there is. It originated from Texas as the name shows, and played first around year 1900. When the Dune Casino developed nurturing this game in 1969, it began the wide popularity of the game where pros were given a chance to take advantage of the highest inflows of the casino. The game took to the top of popularity when the Binion Horseshoe let it be the main event for the world famous World Series of Poker.

Omaha Hi Low
This kind is as same as Texas Hold’em but more complicated and modified version. One difference is that each player gets four pocket cards instead of the two that they get from Hold’em.

Pai Gow
This is derived from the Chinese game of Pai Gow by Fred Wolf in early 80’s. The dealer gives every player 7 faced downed cards, players are expected to make two poker hands out of their seven cards, a five card hand and a two card hand, analyzing that the two card hand should be ranked lower the five card hand.

Actually there are over 50 variants of poker room games. I have just enumerated three of the famous variants. You may check the whole list on the web. Good Luck!

Poker Room Etiquette

Live Poker Room Etiquette

Many players see the live poker room as almost a sort of hallowed ground? with its own rules governing the behavior of its members. Experienced poker players in particular tend to look with disfavor upon novice players who buck customary poker room courtesies.

In fact a good way to quickly alienate yourself in any poker room is by walking in and acting as if you owned the place. No one would want to feel alienated however so we here we present you with a few tips on poker room etiquette that will go a long way into making you fit in with the regulars.
Poker Room Game
For example, if you intend to raise you should make an announcement to that effect when it is your turn. If you don’t do this, you will have to place your bet and make a raise at the same time. Putting in a bet and then going back to your stack for a raise will result in a “string bet”. This is generally not allowed in a poker room and your raise will not be allowed either.

Computer Poker!

As many poker game software programs have been released, many of them leave a little to be desired. Nevertheless, there are a few worth checking out. Here we present two of the better poker game programs around.

The Wilson Software Turbo Series features ring-game and tournament versions of Texas Hold’em, 7-card stud, and Omaha-8. it also allows you to play games against the computer and create new players if you wish.

Poki’s Poker Academy is the first poker program to be released commercially, and it uses some pretty advanced machine learning features as well as game theory. This game provides a bit more of a challenge than the other poker programs.

Play Poker Live Online

There is a number of online poker rooms where you can join live poker room with people around the world. The live poker game room’s include tournaments plus a number of poker games including the popular Texas Hold’em poker. Above is a listing of some of the best online poker rooms. Join today and collect the associated bonus.

Play Poker live in Texas Hold’em game room

Looking for a live texas hold’em poker room game? One of the best poker rooms is PKR with the avatars it makes the poker room game appear more real. Play live poker room tournaments, sit and go or texas hold’em. No other poker room software even compares to pkr, which has the best animations. The biggest issue is that the software takes a long time to download completely, but well worth the wait.