Poker Room Etiquette

Live Poker Room Etiquette

Many players see the live poker room as almost a sort of hallowed ground? with its own rules governing the behavior of its members. Experienced poker players in particular tend to look with disfavor upon novice players who buck customary poker room courtesies.

In fact a good way to quickly alienate yourself in any poker room is by walking in and acting as if you owned the place. No one would want to feel alienated however so we here we present you with a few tips on poker room etiquette that will go a long way into making you fit in with the regulars.
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For example, if you intend to raise you should make an announcement to that effect when it is your turn. If you don’t do this, you will have to place your bet and make a raise at the same time. Putting in a bet and then going back to your stack for a raise will result in a “string bet”. This is generally not allowed in a poker room and your raise will not be allowed either.