There are many variations of poker room games, actually as many as the cards in the deck. Below is a list of famous variants of poker. Usually they are the typical or standard poker card games.

Texas Hold’em
This might be the most famous variant of poker there is. It originated from Texas as the name shows, and played first around year 1900. When the Dune Casino developed nurturing this game in 1969, it began the wide popularity of the game where pros were given a chance to take advantage of the highest inflows of the casino. The game took to the top of popularity when the Binion Horseshoe let it be the main event for the world famous World Series of Poker.

Omaha Hi Low
This kind is as same as Texas Hold’em but more complicated and modified version. One difference is that each player gets four pocket cards instead of the two that they get from Hold’em.

Pai Gow
This is derived from the Chinese game of Pai Gow by Fred Wolf in early 80’s. The dealer gives every player 7 faced downed cards, players are expected to make two poker hands out of their seven cards, a five card hand and a two card hand, analyzing that the two card hand should be ranked lower the five card hand.

Actually there are over 50 variants of poker room games. I have just enumerated three of the famous variants. You may check the whole list on the web. Good Luck!