Is gambling online illegal

The honest answer to the question is gambling online illegal depends on many things and the most honest answer is tat sometimes it is while at times it is not. The answer depends on many conditions and instances
We shall tale the US as a case study and only the federal laws not the individual state laws. Remember there is difference between casino wagering, sports betting and so many more hence online gambling illegal can be defined in many aspects.
The laws as to whether gambling online illegal changes and what might be right today can be wrong tomorrow. To players of online gambling, there is no federal law that bards one from playing pokers or any other gambling game online. The small publishers taking ads also have nothing to fear about as the penalties only apply tom huge and larger publishers who are made to pay fines hence this answers the question of is online gambling illegal?
Advertisers who promote their trade in traditional media can only face scrutiny as operators and online casinos have never faced heat for the fact of buying ads in any medium. This answers the burning question if gambling online is illegal.